Teaching for 9 Years and now I have to remember how to be a student?

Ahhh!!! Back to school again!  “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!”

Well that’s not all necessarily true.  While I am back as a student for the first time since 2007, no one has forced me to be here and instead I am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to enhance my learning.

About a year ago I started to seriously consider the possibility of going back to obtain my masters and now that the moment has arrived, I find myself dealing with nervous excitement.  I am excited to expand my knowledge but also nervous as this is my first graduate class and I want to perform well.

When it was time to sign up for classes, I was thankful to see EC&I 830 as an option because I believe that technology is going to continue to play a vital role in the classroom.  However, I also believe it is very important that we as teachers are also ready for the challenges that come with so many students accessing technology in the classroom.  From my experience, for every student who is using their device to enhance their learning, there is another on Snapchat trying to send selfies instead.

Students taking pictures instead of working
Before our next question, let’s take a selfie

Photo Credit: University Library of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy via Compfight cc

I look forward to learning from my colleagues and developing strategies to focus on the positive aspects of technology and avoiding the negative pitfalls.

We have reached the end of my first blog post.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to your responses.  Also you can find me on Twitter @MrOttenbreit

Until next time,

Kyle Ottenbreit

16 thoughts on “Teaching for 9 Years and now I have to remember how to be a student?

  1. Hi Kyle! Welcome back to the life of a student…it’s not so bad 😉 You’ll love the courses that Katia and Alec offer if you are interested in technology. I can guarantee this won’t be the last class you take with them! Enjoy your first class.

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  2. Hi Kyle, awesome. I also finished my undergrads in 2007. I’ve jumped back into school a few times but this is my first time back regularly.
    Good to meet you, too!


  3. Kyle, great to have you! Say hi to Nadine for me. You will not be disappointed with this class. I took Alec and Katia’s 831 as my first class and they are amazing to work with and the online PLN’s you develop in these classes are amazing and very supportive. Glad to have you.


  4. Nice to meet you Kyle! I agree with the others who have posted. You won’t regret taking this class with Alec and Katia. You’re not alone with the feelings of nervousness! Enjoy the next two months.


  5. Hi Kyle – great first blog, I LOVE the format, do you know what it is called? It is really clean looking and I really like the idea that all of your social media accounts are just a click away!

    The first grad class, it’s like a band-aid, rip it off quickly, get all of that nervous energy out and you’ll do fine!


  6. Hi Kyle, your blog looks great, and given that it’s a surprise that you haven’t yet taken one of the ECI83* classes. Looking forward to reading your future posts.


  7. Great title Kyle. Made me want to read more about you. Looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you on the upcoming debate this semester. Enjoy the class.


  8. Congratulations for beginning your degree Kyle! It will fly right by! This is an excellent class to make connections with so many fabulous educators. I am looking forward to learning from you this semester.




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