What time is it? It’s Poll time!!!

Greetings and Salutations to everyone,

I needed a break from my never-ending pile of marking so I started to think about the direction I wanted to go for my next blog post.  Since we currently do not have any readings to respond to, I thought that I would poll my fellow colleagues and use the information from polls to guide my upcoming think pieces.  So here it goes, answer as honestly as possible and share the post to whomever you believe can answer as well.  The more responders we have, the better. So before we begin, would you like to take a survey?

3 thoughts on “What time is it? It’s Poll time!!!

  1. I look forward to seeing your results. I think the largest issue for me as a middle years teacher is that sometimes it takes over half the class to get computers up a running. If every student had their own piece it would be so nice because it could become routine to have the computer or tablet up and running and ready to use. Like having a pencil sharp and ready to use!


  2. Hey Kyle,
    pretty interesting post! I have been running into trouble with my class and use of cell phones. Often they will be using them inappropriately. Cool insight in getting colleagues to vote and share.


  3. I like the poll idea:) Great way to create engagement and discussion. While I’m not in the classroom anymore, I did have the opportunity to teach in a 1:1 hybrid classroom – we had netbooks (yes it was a while ago) and laptops and we used them everyday we could. It just became part of our routine.


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