Ahhh! Summary of Learning!

Greetings all, after three crazy busy days I have finished my summary of learning. When I encountered this assignment during our first class, I was intimated by the quality of the examples that were shown. I knew I wasn’t creative enough to rewrite a song, so I started to think about something that I could do. I have always been interested in iMovie and so three days ago, I had a colleague at school show me the basics of how it worked. I was impressed by the quality it produced and how user friendly it seemed. I borrowed a microphone and a tripod and set off to videotape myself doing certain sections and to record my voice overs for other parts. I am happy with the results of my first video. I believe that it effectively summarizes (see what I did there?) the important points I have learned, well also incorporating some fun as well. With no further adieu, here is my video, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments on the video or here on the blog post.

Ps  this is not the image I would have chosen as the opening to my video. It is an image inside my presentation, so I guess it will have to do for now. I’ll work on changing it.


7 thoughts on “Ahhh! Summary of Learning!

  1. Great summary Kyle! I like how your presentation outlines 4 goals. I also enjoy the sports analogy and of course the little tackle. Great job… standards have been set high!


  2. Great job Kyle! You’ve set the bar high for the learning summary. I think the four goals you laid out are great goals to work on. And I love that you said our opponents are the teachers and parents who fight against technology use.


  3. Great summary Kyle! You raised some very valid points throughout the 4 goals you focused on. I was surprised to be included in your summary and feel honoured that you thought of me. Thanks!


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