Guess who’s back? Back again?

Greetings and Salutations to all of my EC&I 834 colleagues and classmates.  I am back again, looking to complete my third Master’s class and second with Alec and Katia.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Kyle Ottenbreit, and I am a teacher at Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School, where I teach English and Math, in addition to coaching basketball.  I have a lovely family at home (pictured below), with my wife Nadine, and my children Destiny, Nicolas, and Mason.

Family Portrait

For the first eight years of my career things seemed to be progressing in a normal, familiar way.  I worked at the same school (LeBoldus) for my entire career and coached basketball every year as well.  I was enjoying my job and didn’t see a reason to change anything.  However, at the beginning of last year I started to think about the future and decided that, while I didn’t know if I ever wanted to be an administrator, I wanted to give myself the opportunity, should the desire ever arise.  Therefore I enrolled in the Master’s Program for Curriculum and Instruction, and here I am, loving the challenge and looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish.

Similarly, to the rest of you I assume, I find myself to be a much better student than during my undergraduate time ten years ago, and I look forward to continuing the journey with all of you.

With the “transformational changes” that seem to be heading our way, I want to make sure that I possess a wide variety of skills in order to be most effective as a teacher in whatever our future holds.

My three goals to learn in this class are as follows,

  1. I want to develop my skills related to online learning, so that I am prepared to teach an online class for my school, if necessary.

  2. I want to learn about how to effectively create a blended classroom so that I can enhance the learning environment for my students.

  3. I want to improve my technological abilities in order to better help my school colleagues with any questions they may have.

I hope you have enjoyed my opening blog and I look forward to hear from you in the comments.  Another place to find me is on Twitter @MrOttenbreit


Kyle Ottenbreit

4 thoughts on “Guess who’s back? Back again?

  1. I agree with you Kyle, transformational change is a very scary term that is leading to something that many of us are still trying to get our head around. As a teacher with RCSD as well in the elementary setting, I know that this change will impact both of our work worlds. It certainly is a good idea to be working on masters classes and open the doors that could lead to different roles in the future. Good luck with this class.


  2. Looking forward to learning with you this semester, I am also on my third class in this journey! I really like the goals that you have set for the semester. I think it’s so important for us to stay aware of the environments that our students are presently learning in and also being aware of what possibilities are available, such as online learning! On a side note, the title of your blog post took me back a few years to some slim shady lyrics!


  3. Hi Kyle, looking forward to working with you in this class. As I mentioned before in the Google+ community it is nice to see many familiar faces. It will be interesting to explore the best practices for Online Learning. With your background in Math and ELA, it will be great to see how you will approach these areas. Maybe we might even see a RCSD Learning Online course from you!! 😉 Cheers!


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