Closing Scene of Macbeth Prototype

Today’s blog post will focus on the process of finishing our course prototype.  Together with my partner Nicole, we worked hard to create a blended unit for teaching Macbeth in an ELA B10 classroom.

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If I were to sum up the process in one word,  I would describe this assignment as rewarding.  My favourite part of this assignment was how well it translated to my own classroom.

Too often in university, work is given that while it may be enlightening, it does not often translate to the classroom.  However, this assignments works perfectly, because upon completion of the course project, I am ready to integrate it into my classrooms.

Another enjoyable part of the process was creating the video modules.  After watching a number of examples, we decided to create five different modules in the form of a Crash Course video.  I found this process to be quite enjoyable and easy to edit with the iMovie program.  In fact, in the future I plan to have my own students create teaching sections using iMovie or MovieMaker.

Finally, I look forward to viewing the course prototypes of my fellow students to see where we are similar and where we differ.  Thankfully we get to do this in the upcoming week to see how my fellow classmates chose to set up their course profiles.

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5 thoughts on “Closing Scene of Macbeth Prototype

  1. Wow Macbeth! I agree that the assignment is very rewarding as we have gained so much knowledge along the way. Another perk is that it is our own material focused on something that we can use in our classroom. I am excited to see and hear about other’s projects too!


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