Final Blog Post….. (for now)

Hello and welcome to my final blog post for EC&I 834.  This class has been a whirlwind of assignments, information, and relationship building and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Our major assignment for this course was the creation of a curriculum unit that could be taught online or in a blended classroom.  Together with my partner Nicole Brown, we worked to create a version of Macbeth that would be more accessible to learners of all abilities and language skills.  If you are interested in looking over the material yourself, the link can be found here.

Overview of the Creation Process:

I have found this aspect of the course to be the most rewarding because it allowed us to create something that is meaningful AND will allow us to use it in our classrooms.  With the (likely) decrease of PD money in the future, it is hopeful that I can use a Masters class to create projects that will further benefit my students.

Nicole and I used Canvas as our LMS for this particular project.  The first few forays into the site were focused on getting comfortable with the layout and understanding how we could use it to create a cohesive unit.  Once we were more comfortable we created assignments (some new, some we already had) and organized them in such a way so there was a logical flow to the play and the accompanying work.

Next we created a series of modules (short videos) to teach our students about different important aspects of Macbeth.  A further explanation of the modules can be found here.

Response to Feedback:

Upon completion of our course project, we were tasked with evaluating and providing feedback to our classmates’ projects as they did the same with ours.  These were certainly anxious times as we had no idea what other projects looked like and how ours matched up.

Thankfully, the feedback we received was extremely positive.  The reviewers appreciated our varied use of assignments and our creative modules.  One of the most positive pieces of feedback we received was about our modules and how they appreciated our plan to create several shorter modules, which would allow us to keep the attention of our students.

Another important piece of feedback was the positive response to our course rationale.  Unlike most projects that I examined, Nicole and I decided to create a video for our rationale rather than in essay form.  Universally, this choice was appreciated and perhaps more students will choose to do so in the future.

Now the feedback was not all positive, there were a few small issues to point out.  First off, it appears the Youtube version of the play was taken down for copyright violations since we decided to use it.  This is an unfortunate turn of events but it is a reality you have to endure when deciding to use Youtube as a teaching resource.  As well, the reviewers had issues accessing the “Quizzes” section.  At first, we were unclear why this was an issue, but after we discussed it further we realized it was because the reviewers were viewing the course from the outside, rather than being invited and working through it as students.  This is something that we are thankful they found and now we can address it before the course is evaluated for marks.

Finally, here is my summary of learning, in case you were wanting to watch an excellent Slam Poem.  This slam poem was created by myself and Nicole Brown. Enjoy!

This concludes our final blog post.  Hurray we did it! I hope you have enjoyed following me along on my journey and I hope to reconnect with all of you in a future Couros/Hildebrandt class!


2 thoughts on “Final Blog Post….. (for now)

  1. I agree with you, all feedback is good to consider when looking at improving your future online/ blended learning development. Although it may not have all been positive, it does allow for opportunity moving forward. Great post!


  2. Agreed as well! I also appreciate that not all the feedback is positive, actually, because often, when we spend hours working on something, it is difficult to see what we are missing. A fresh set of eyes really brings things back into perspective. I love that you did a video rationale – very cool idea!


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