If I woke tomorrow as an Online Educator…

Greetings and Salutations all,

This week’s blog prompt caused me to consider the following scenario, if I arrived at work tomorrow and was told I no longer taught face to face and was now an online educator, how long would it take me to adapt? And how much would my teaching pedagogy have to change?

The first thing I would fear was the fact that I would not be able to see the faces of my students as I was teaching. Especially in a math class, the level of understanding and comprehension is often written in the faces of students, whether they realize it or not. However, there is a solution for that and as Amy Bladyko mentioned in her blog, that solution is Zoom Room! Zoom allows us all to meet weekly without having to occupy the same physical space and I believe it would be a must for any online course that I would teach.


While there are other fears associated with teaching Math in an online setting, there are certainly tools to aid in that.  My research led me to the following article, 10 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom.

Of the ten tools listed, the most interesting one I found was DragonBox, which teaches many different types of foundational math skills in fun, easy to play games. The video below gives a brief tutorial of the possibilities:

The final point I want to mention is that if I were to become an online teacher, I would miss the relationships forged with the students. As Katie says in her blog, “truly feel relationships are a vital component of student engagement.” There will always be students who feel more comfortable in a classroom and require that face to face student-teacher engagement and I hope to continue to be there to provide that for them.



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