Education 3.0 – An Evolution of Teaching

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Today’s blog post will focus on the evolution of teaching on the back of the Internet’s change to Web 3.0. Jackie Gerstein discusses Web 3.0 as a more individualized online experience where “every user will have a unique Internet profile based on that user’s browsing history. Web 3.0 will use this profile to tailor the browsing experience to each individual.” While this certainly sounds promising, part of me wonders if this leads to more Amazon ads popping up all over my CNN articles, showing me products that I searched up hours before. However, in terms of Education, this leads to a more hopeful future where student learning could be adapted to personal needs rather than painting everyone with the same brush.

The following video provides a brief explanation of Education 3.0 and its promise:

Now the exciting thing about Education 3.0 is that it is not same far off ideal that is years away from being realized. The truth is, if you know where to look, that future is now. As this week’s group showed, there are numerous educational programs in place and ready for teachers to access.

For me personally, I have been working to incorporate some of Dan Meyer’s Three Act Play assignments in to my Math Class. For far too long, my math class was taught in an Education 1.0 fashion, having the students master the skills and then apply them to the test. Now, at the conclusion of each unit, the students are working in pairs on an independent research assignment, applying the skills they learned to a “real world” problem.

The more we can evolve and adapt as teachers, the stronger our students will become. I look forward to hearing about the evolutions of your teachings in the comments below.


One thought on “Education 3.0 – An Evolution of Teaching

  1. “The more we can evolve and adapt as teachers, the stronger our students will become”
    I can’t agree more! It is our responsibility as teachers to take the time to learn and explore technology/Web 3.0 so we can help our students be successful in the classroom and in the future!


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