Technology in Formative Assessment

Greetings and Salutations once again,

This week’s blog focuses on the decision to use technology in formative and summative assessment. While there has certainly been detractors and criticisms of this decision, Sonja and her group did an excellent job of explaining how well technology can aid students when completing assignments for assessment.

While this week’s abbreviated classroom schedule did not allow me to try any new assessment technologies with my students, I do have one tech tools that I have used in the past and have been very happy with.


I would like to focus on is Kahoot. If you are unfamiliar with Kahoot, here is a video explaining the features.

One of the main benefits of Kahoot is the fact that it easily embraces the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that many schools now focus on.  In a high school setting, nearly 95% of the students in my classes bring a cell phone with them to class every day. For those 5% that do not have one, I allow them to work with a friend so that no one is left out. One of the main criticisms of tech use during assessments is that students will be able to “cheat” by looking up the answer on the Internet, Kahoot solves that problem by attaching a reward for students that answer the fastest.  Therefore, if you are looking up the answer you will waste too much time to try and “cheat” the quiz.

Also, it is important to make your students understand that the use of the Kahoot is for formative assessment only, and therefore there is no reason to cheat, as the purpose is only to help us learn what you know.

The final important point about Kahoot, is that as a teacher, you do not have to create the quiz yourself.  There are thousands and thousands of quizzes already established on the site.  Also, you are able to edit and change quizzes as much or as little as you like, which means you can personalize it to your classroom and student needs.

One of the great benefits to taking a class such as this is the opportunity to learn from the expertise of colleagues. After reading Amy’s blog, I am now interested to try Microsoft Forms as well. In fact, this is a week where I will be reading several blogs in order to strengthen and diversify my abilities and knowledge of technology tools for assessment.  If you have any great ones for me, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Technology in Formative Assessment

  1. I love how Kahoot has ready to go quizzes and games. This saves so much time and it is nice that you are able to change and adapt them to fit your exact needs. I do not have access to a full set of devices so I do not use Kahoot often but when I do the kids absolutely love it!


  2. My daughter’s teacher used Kahoot to build a scape room game theme in the parent-teacher meeting. I liked the idea so much. Students have to answer a question related to what they have learned in the class to get a clue and to go from one level to another. My daughter was so happy and engaged. Great post, Kyle!


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